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Digital Media

6/13/2020, The Dodo feature, Eli and Marley: Comeback Kids

Both Marley and Eli were just babies when they were rescued. Marley made a daring and dangerous escape when she jumped from a transport truck and was brought to Sisu Refuge in North Carolina. Eli was rescued from the dairy industry by Jason Bolalek of Destination Liberation. They formed a special bond on their car ride down to Florida and it has grown stronger ever since.

4/11/2021,The Dodo feature, Bentley: Floppy-eared calf wouldn't eat until he met his best friend

Bentley has been with us since he was just 18 days old. He was born with dummy calf syndrome, and he wouldn’t nurse or eat. The farm on which he was born found him too much trouble, so they surrendered him to us. Getting him to learn to eat was a lot of work, but he eventually got the hang of the whole “survival” thing. Since then, he has thrived, and is still our special, huggy lovebug.

3/19/2021, Five Animals who Escaped from Slaughter Against All Odds, The Humane League, Amanda Waxman

As they spend their days playing tag and enjoying the Florida sunshine at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary, Eli the bull and Marley the pig prove that friendship transcends species. Although they are free to live out their lives in peace now, these two would not have crossed paths without fighting for survival on factory farms, and encountering some compassionate humans to help them along the way.

5/19/2021, Tiny piglet's whole world changes when she meets this baby cow, My Positive Outlook, Farah R

During the pair’s journey to Gainesville, Florida, Marley and Eli got to bond and found comfort in each other. The two orphans became fast friends, and before long, the pair were cuddling in the back seat on the way to their new home. When they got to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary, they were greeted with open arms by the volunteers and were spoiled with love right away.

5/20/2021, Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary: Animal House with Deborah Roberts, I Heart Radio 104.1 FM

Erin Amerman is the founder, as well as director and president, of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida. Critter Creek rescues farm animals like cows, pigs, donkeys, and more, and they, in turn, become ambassadors for compassion. And Erin talks about how the sanctuary, the largest for cows in the country, is truly a dream come true!

8/3/2021, The Dodo feature, Amos and Lionel: Odd Couples

Tiny piglet teaches his cow friend how to pig — when they both roll in mud and come out with matching mud socks! Lionel and Amos were rescued by the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue last year as part of a large cruelty case. It’s likely both were pulled from their moms as soon as they were born. They were then kept in isolation in literal boxes. Lionel was likely the first friend Amos had ever known, and he bonded to him strongly.

9/1/2021, abillion, In conversation with Erin Amerman, co-founder, Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

This August, we’re helping to raise funds for Critter Creek. The funds from this campaign will go towards looking after 40 cows recently rescued. The South Florida SPCA found the cows starving in a barren field filled with other dead cows. Many of the surviving cows had just given birth. Most of the mothers were unable to produce milk due to prolonged starvation. Since then, the sanctuary has brought them in, and the new residents will need supplemental feeding and veterinary care.

9/12/2021, The Dodo feature, Buddy: Comeback Kids

Check out Buddy the famous biso-cow on The Dodo! We are very grateful to producer Joanna Zelman, Captain Ed Benecchi, the Plymouth, CT police, and the entire town of Plymouth, CT for making this story possible. It’s thanks to all of you that Buddy had his happy ending. Buddy certainly gave Plymouth police a run for their money, but they never gave up on him.

9/20/2021, Plant Your Seed podcast

Erin Amerman is the founder and president of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary. Founded in 2016, the sanctuary quickly grew to become the largest bovine sanctuary in the United States. The sanctuary currently houses over 220 rescued residents, of whom nearly 150 are bovines.

9/22/2021, NPR, Talking  Animals with Duncan Strauss

Erin Amerman—the founder of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary, which across two facilities located in and around Gainesville, FL houses some 150 cows, making it, they say, the country’s largest cow sanctuary, while providing refuge to other rescued farm animals, including pigs, donkeys, turkeys, and horses—traces her animal rescue path back to being a seven-year-old with a pet rat named Templeton.

Print Media

8/9/2019, Welcome to Cow Heaven, Gainesville Sun, Brendan Farrell

When Erin Amerman married, she told her husband they needed to make enough money to buy a big chunk of land because she wanted to have an animal sanctuary. The plot of land would need a creek, she said, because she intended to call it Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary. Today, tucked away off a bumpy dirt road in rural Gainesville lies Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

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