Our Team

The Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary team consists of a group of primarily volunteer workers who donate their time, energy, money, and love to keep CCFS up and running. None of the board members draws a salary for their board duties. Our team is rounded out by veterinarian Dr. Joe Guevara. Though he is officially considered an independent contractor and not a staff member, Dr. Joe has worked with CCFS from the very beginning and works closely with the sanctuary to advise on all manner of health issues. Whether it's walking the fields to remove potentially harmful plants or showing up on a Sunday (and his wedding anniversary) for a sick pig, Dr. Joe has always been there for us. 

Erin Amerman

Founder, Board President

Erin founded Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary with three rescued cows in 2016, and is currently president of the Board of Directors. Her road to rescue started where most such things naturally begin: with a rat. At age 7, her mother told her she could finally have her first pet, a hamster. Ecstatic, she went to the pet store to pick out her hamster. But as she held a couple hamsters, who only wanted to pee on her, bite her, or run away from her, a young woman working at the pet store asked her if she had ever considered a rat. She and her mother exchanged looks. A rat? People have pet rats? The young woman explained that rats are wonderful little animals, but no one gives them a chance because they are unfairly judged to be bad and unworthy. Erin held the rat, and he was sweet. There was no biting, there was no running away. He did pee on her, though. Guess which animal she came home with? That rat, named Templeton, taught her a lot about how society can treat very differently two species of animal who would seem to be very similar...

You can read the rest of Erin's bio and story here.

Chris Amerman

Co-Founder, Board Treasurer, and Sanctuary Director
Chris met Erin at the University of West Florida in 1995 and they married in 1997. Always an animal lover, he gave up animal products shortly after they married when he ran out of arguments against it. While in medical school, they began volunteering for a no-kill animal shelter and rescuing cats and dogs, which has continued to this day. Through the years, Chris has usually tried to be the voice of reason about their rescues, but Erin generally isn't very good at listening.

At CCFS, Chris is Treasurer of the Board of Directors and the Sanctuary Director. He has also developed something of a donkey problem. In this case, Erin tries to be the voice of reason, but Chris generally isn't very good at listening, either.

Sheena Drost

Board Secretary, Office Manager​
Sheena’s vegan journey began January 1, 2017. She had always considered herself an animal lover, but while driving to work one day, she passed a billboard with a photo of a dog and pig that read "Why love one but eat the other?" This caused Sheena to do some major soul searching, and with New Year's Day around the corner, she decided her resolution would be to go vegan. Sheena joined the Critter Creek team in November 2019 after attending Oinktoberfest with her family.

As office manager and board secretary, Sheena manages email and sponsor communications, bookkeeping, event planning, and social media accounts. She loves being an educator and advocate for the animals. Since coming to Critter Creek, she has been inspired to pursue a Masters of Science in Management degree. Sheena is also the owner and founder of Dora Jean Cosmetics, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup line where she makes all products by hand.

Lily C. Darnell

Board Member and Interdisciplinary Science Director
Lily is a board member and the Interdisciplinary Science Director of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary. Lily has always deeply cared for animals, starting when she was a baby, with her first word being “moo.” Growing up, Lily was very close to her grandfather who rescued injured and neglected animals. Lily attributes her love for protecting and advocating for animals to him. Due to her sense of advocacy, she started volunteering for Critter Creek in 2021.

Lily is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst by trade, and uses her skills as a clinician to develop partnerships with educational institutions to bring evidence-based practices regarding improving animal welfare and environmental enrichment to our residents. She hopes to eventually publish data regarding ways to improve the lives of animals, especially those rescued from abuse and neglect, and contribute to the growing field of animal welfare research.

Sam Maybury

Animal Caretaker, Equine Specialist
Sam joined the team in December 2019. She found her way to Critter Creek a few months prior when she urgently needed to find a home for two heifers, Jingles and Bella. Sam graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences and Plant Science and a minor in Agricultural and Natural Resources Law.

Sam just finished her first year of law school at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Upon graduation, she plans to practice in the field of agricultural and animal law. When she isn’t working on the farm or studying, she enjoys spending time with her steer, Stanley, and horse, Bennett.

Scott Drost

Facilities Manager
Scott began volunteering shortly after Sheena in December 2019. His vegan journey began in April 2019, when he finally decided that enough was enough. After dealing with type II diabetes and high blood pressure for almost 10 years and taking over 200 pills a month, he saw what going vegan did for Sheena's health and was determined to turn his life around. His love of animals and his determination for better health helped him kick animal products for good. After just 90 days of being vegan, Scott was off all of his medications.

As the facilities manager, Scott is responsible for day-to-day sanctuary maintenance and repairs, infrastructure projects, and animal caretaking duties. He loves that his tasks as the facilities manager often require him to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to complete repairs and projects.
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