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Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary

Sponsor Buddy

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Connecticut's famous "Buddy the Beefalo"--or biso-cow, as he is a hybrid of a bison and a cow--started his journey in Massachusetts where he was destined for slaughter. Thankfully, Buddy had other ideas, and escaped the slaughterhouse, fleeing for his life. His journey led him to the woods of Plymouth, Connecticut, where he lived on the lam for 8 months.

During that time, the town of Plymouth unofficially adopted Buddy and decided he deserved sanctuary. They raised money to pay his "bail," and when he was finally successfully captured by police Captain Ed Benecchi, he was brought to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

Today, Buddy spends time with his friends Eleanor, Deana, Autumn, and Bunny. He is slowly learning to trust notcows, and even occasionally takes a treat from us.